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March 2017
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Don’t Just Teach, Energize!
The ClassFlow Team is excited to deliver the first issue of the ClassFlow Current newsletter! We’re even more excited for all of the new and powerful features that came with ClassFlow’s recent update. In addition to the enhancements in Lesson Builder and Activities, the ClassFlow Marketplace has received over 1.6 million new educational resources from major publishers including Gooru, SketchFab, PhET, and Desmos. Let’s take a look at some more of ClassFlow’s biggest updates below…
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Introducing the New ClassFlow Desktop
Easily deliver interactive, multimedia lessons using ClassFlow Desktop, designed exclusively for use with Promethean™ Interactive Displays.
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Bring Your PowerPoint® Presentations to Life!
Add the new ClassFlow Plugin to your PowerPoint toolbar, enabling you to easily embed thousands of interactive activities, 3D images, videos, and other resources directly into your lessons.
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Discover in the Marketplace
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Featured Publisher: Gooru
Gooru has recently joined the ClassFlow Marketplace, providing access to over 1.6 million educational websites, images, interactives, videos and more!
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Introducing Interactive Simulations by PhET
In partnership with PhET, ClassFlow has introduced interactive Simulations to the Marketplace. Watch this one about the States of Matter in action!
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Community Spotlight
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Featured Article: Pi Day – An Integrated Approach
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Featured ClassFlow Ambassador: Dave Blanchard
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Become an official ClassFlow Educator or Ambassador
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Save the Date
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Webinar: Introducing the New ClassFlow Desktop
You’ll learn how to build ClassFlow lessons using the new offline builder, annotate over existing programs such as PowerPoint, PDF and Word, and save your ClassFlow lessons to your computer.
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St. Patrick’s Day: Activities & Class Play
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this free resource from Classroom Complete Press. This sampler includes 19 pages of PK-6 activities, comprehensive questions, investigations, and more!
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