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Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That – Assessments and Feedback

Who has time to grade papers throughout the day? Most grading is done after hours at home. When you talk with educators, I bet you never hear them speak about how much they love standardized testing, analyzing data, or grading papers! They love being innovative and collaborating to teach their students, but assessments and grading papers are probably not on their list of favorite things to do. They enjoy teaching, not inflicting undo stress upon their students.

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Who Has Time for Instant Feedback!

Grading can be a daunting task when you teach 150 students in a day. You want to find the easiest way to get it done. Students also like to have instant feedback when they complete an assignment or a test. They want to know exactly how well they did as soon as they complete the task. Who has time for instant feedback? Not me!

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Where can educators turn for help?

ClassFlow can help with this daunting task! The Assessment Builder makes it a bit easier to give instant feedback to students and keep one from having to grade so many papers. There are different ways you can go about making your life easier! You can build the assessment from scratch in ClassFlow or upload digital tests that you have already created. You also have the ability to differentiate what you give to your students.

The Assessment Builder gives you a variety of question options to choose from when you are building your assessment:

Assessment Types

Learn how to Create and Deliver Assessments in ClassFlow

Create an Assessment tutorial

Deliver an Assessment tutorial

If you have never given ClassFlow a try, you should make time for this time saver! It will make your life easier and do the grading for you! You have to make time for that!

Andrea Tolley

Andrea Tolley is her 15th year as a teacher at Greeneville Middle School. She spent 13 years as a Language Arts teacher, but now teaches Microsoft IT Academy. I am a member of the district IT Teacher Academy and love all things technology. I have been honored to present locally at conferences such as TETC, TETA, Niswonger Symposium etc., nationally at ISTE in Philadelphia and Denver, and internationally at BETT in London. I am honored to serve as a ClassDojo Ambassador and a ClassFlow Ambassador! I truly love teaching and helping students reach their full potential!

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