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Give Me Five: Classroom Management Using EdTech

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I bet you’re probably wondering what’s the meaning behind “Give Me Five.” Give Me Five started as a classroom management tool to get student attention. I would use this to begin lectures, lessons, give assignment directions, etc. Students would give me 5 minutes of their attention outside of an activity, however, it wouldn’t be used for a lecture or content delivery. I wanted to create a section on my blog devoted to giving five tips around a subject that week or month. This month’s “five” is about classroom management tips in regards to classroom management. I’m a big proponent of educational technology (#EdTech) in the classroom. Have you thought about ways to use EdTech to help with classroom management in the classroom? Essentially, what you’ll find is that classroom management = engagement. When students are engaged, you’ll have a much more manageable classroom.

“Give Me Five” on using EdTech for Classroom Management

1. Use Responsiveness Technology

Most instructors use some sort of PowerPoint or slide technology to present information, lectures, and material to their students. When students are engaged in the lesson, usually classroom management (and behavioral issues if they arise) is much easier to handle especially for a new teacher. Utilizing some responsive technology like ClassFlow, Socrative, and Kahoot, you can keep student attention throughout your lesson.

2. Empower Students

Let students express themselves. Students that are actively engaged in lessons, need to be provided with some way to express themselves. In my classroom this comes in many forms, but the one that I enjoy the most is using either online discussion board (usually on Canvas or other LMS), but I have used a Twitter back channel (lesson specific hashtag) in the past. It allows students to express themselves and provide much needed feedback or to voice their opinion.

3. Let Students Create

There are many tools our where students can create digital content such as presentations, cartoons, digital posters, videos, blogs, pictures, and much more. My students are always engaged in the lesson when they have to create something for an activity; it not only allows them to express themselves, but I’ve also found that they feel like a part of the classroom when they’re able to create something digital.  There is a creative response feature that can be added to any ClassFlow lesson.

4. Collaboration is Essential

Just like in a marketing board board, students are listening, talking, discussing, acting, and essentially group learning when they’re working in collaborative groups of any size. Collaborative work while sometimes could lead to students not being focused on the lesson, but that rarely happens. Most of the time, you’ll see that with collaboration online and in groups, students will be discussing and learning together.

5. Keep The Lesson Moving

When you have 45 minute class or a 90 minute class, always make sure to keep the lesson moving with different types of activities. With unique students, you must be able to provide unique activities. I try to provide at least 2-3 different activities in a lesson so I can engage all of the students in my classroom.

Once you empower students, you can keep them engaged. Once you’ve got them engaged, classroom management becomes so much easier for any level teacher to handle, from new to the veterans.

I hope you enjoyed these five tips and tricks on how to use #EdTech tools to assist with classroom management.

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~ Educator 21

Ryan Doggett

Ryan Doggett teaches marketing and business (9-12) in Holly Springs, North Carolina at Holly Springs High School. He shares his love for marketing and business with eager young people wanting to go into the industry. Ryan enjoys being an innovator and an "EdTech Coach." He is among the first ClassFlow Ambassadors and enjoys being able to share ClassFlow with educators in his PLN. Find Ryan on Twitter, @educator21blog.

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